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One of the biggest steps you can take to advancing your own body-liberation and unlearn years of racism, fatphobia, homophobia, etc. is to change who you follow! This page is filled with folks who do amazing work creating social content, writing newsletters, and working to better the world for every body.

I am definitely not providing a complete list! How could I? There are so many great creators out there. Is there someone I am missing you think I should check out? Click the button below and shoot me a message about them.

Image by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People

Suggested Accounts to Follow/Subscribe/Listen too for Body Liberation

  • Sunny Megatron

  • Chrissy King

  • Clarkisha Kent

  • Nika Cherrell

  • Leah Vernon (IG)

  • Feirce Fatty (IG)

  • Cooper Beckett

  • BexTalksSex

  • GraceLawrence

  • FullCircleThePod (IG)

  • Diana Hong (dhongcomedy)

  • Elle Chase

  • Hubba Hubba Review

  • Dabby Longlegs (IG)

  • Sir_Vix_Officail (IG)

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