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Body liberation was started by Black women looking to create space to celebrate dark skinned, fat, and Black bodies. Too much of this work has been co-opted by White women with straight-sized or slightly larger bodies. With this, the discussions about how race, gender, queerness, colorism, and disability impact how people experience and move through the world. Fat Chicks on Top seeks to bring the focus back to the intersectional identities which were the original focus of body liberation.


Much of the work of Auntie Vice is based on the writings and teaching of Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Sabrina Springs, Tressie Cottom, Roxane Gay, and Sonia Renee Taylor. These women's work is canonical to the body liberation/fat liberation movement. While much of their work is academic, and Auntie Vice is an academic by training (Ph.D. in Political Psychology) the discussions on Fat Chicks on Top are guided to be accessible to most audiences.

If you are just discovering us, there are several parts to this podcast. First there is the traditional audio podcast you can download and listen to. Each Monday during our podcast year (mid-January- mid-Nov with an July hiatus) new conversations with people who work in various areas of body liberation are released on our podcast. Every other Wednesday, a new episode of "Say 'Hi' to the Vibe!" drops on YouTube. This is a short video segment where Auntie Vice interviews folks about their desires and intimacy needs, suggests a toy or activity, and then checks back in to see how things went. It is designed to help people find the language and tools needed to meet their needs. Finally, "Ask Your Auntie" is an occasional segment on the show where people write Auntie Vice asking for help or advice and she provides some feedback.

Finally, this show is guided with the philosophy of "No one is free until we are all free." We at FCOT will work diligently to bring conversations and activities to the world to help libearate all people.

Stay kinky!

Auntie Vice

Welcome to Fat Chicks on Top , a  body liberation podcast. I created FCOT because much of the body positive movement has missed the people who need it most. We need a space for voices of really big people, people of color, disabled folks, queer folks, non-gender conforming folks, sex workers, poor folks and those marginalized from the predominant culture and power structure. I wanted to have conversations which go beyond the basic "Its important to love your body" conversations happening in many circles. I want conversations which happen in small corners of the world to have a platform for anyone to access them.

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