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Finalist for the 2018 Golden Flogger Award for Best Nonfiction.


Submission is a journey. Anyone who practices submission, be it full-time, part-time or just on special holidays, grows and learns more about themselves and their partners the longer they practice. Submission, like much of relationships and sexuality, isn't intuitive.


The Big Workbook for Submissives provides readers with essays, exercises and homework to learn more about their own desires and submission. The book is written for all genders and people singled and partnered. Based on the class "Deepening Your Submission," which has been taught all over the United States, the author guides readers through exercises and work to help them find the meaning of their own submission.

Hard copy $19.99

eBook $5.99

Eat Good, Drink Good, Live Good is the practical entertaining and cookbook for home cooks. It addresses the common issues facing the home cook: cooking for guests with special diets, planning for big holiday meals, timelines for cooking for a party, tips on making food kid-friendly, and cooking on a very tight budget.


Great food should not be just for rich people at a fancy restaurant and for contestants on cooking shows. Great food, nourishing food is for everyone. You do not need many tools, much space or a lot of money to make great food. You need a little help from someone who has cooked on a budget in tiny apartments! Rebecca Blanton began cooking 30 years ago and found that she loved it. Over time, she developed tools and techniques to eat well on a tight budget (even on food stamps), in tiny New York City apartments, for family gatherings and for family dinner. Over time, she improved and began private catering for large parties, fund raisers and as a private chef.


EGDGLG provides the average home chef with techniques, recipes and tools for making food that family and guests will love. Sharing food is at the heart of community building. It improves relationships, it improves school performance for children, it makes people feel better, and it is a way to show people you care. This book also provides tips and tools for entertaining. Learn how to set an elegant table using $10 in supplies from a craft store. Throw and elegant New Year's Eve bash or make a family dinner in as little as 90 minutes. Find out the trick to keeping your silver shining without ever having to polish it. Make great food part of your daily life. The better you cook, the healthier you will be and the happier life will be!

Hard Copy: $21.99

eBook: $7.99

Nominated for the 2016 Golden Flogger Award!

Finalist, Geoff Mannis Award, I-NLA 2016

Love Letters to a Unicorn explores the multifaceted dimensions of kink life. While a few kinky sex practices have become popular to integrate into mainstream discussions and writings about sex, the deeper and more significant reasons to practice kink have not been broached. Love Letters brings the reader into the life of a submissive. The essays discuss kinky practices such as negotiation, consent, boundaries and limits, safe words, and continuing education about sex.

The author is a practicing submissive who has enjoyed kink for more than two decades. She reveals why kink is a true manifestation of feminist values, how it could end rape culture, help stabilize long-term relationships and how getting tied up and whipped helps ground her. Blanton advocates that everyone, regardless of what they actually do in bed, adopt certain kinky values and practices. She has started to campaign for the adoption of a national safe word and rewriting sex ed curriculum to included kinky values.

Hard Copy $12.99

eBook $3.99

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Dating Kinky

Looking for tips and tools to find someone with compatible kinks? Trying to navigate the kinky world and myriad of online and real life ways of meeting folks? Looking for tips on how to approach people and stay safe? This is the book for you!

And... its free to download Oct. 1-3, 2018