Welcome to Fat Chicks on Top the podcast by, for and about fat chicks. Hosted by Auntie Vice.

I created FCOT because much of the body positive movement has missed the people who need it most. We need a space for voices of really big people, people of color, disabled folks, queer folks, non-gender conforming folks, sex workers, poor folks and those marginalized from the predominant culture and power structure. I wanted to have conversations which go beyond the basic "Its important to love your body" conversations happening in many circles. I want conversations which happen in small corners of the world to have a platform for anyone to access them.

If you are just discovering us, there are several parts to this podcast. First there is the traditional audio podcast you can download and listen to. Then, when the conversations get really good, there are the bonus episodes and segments you can listen too. Then, there is the "Because We Got High..." videos where we smoke, eat and chat with awesome folks about random stuff... because we are high. Finally, we give ya'll links to awesome people, shows and sites we talk about on the show. This also includes our personal blogs, books and t-shirts in case you want to support getting fat chicks on top!