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Show Notes
ep. 258
Unashamed Badass
Aug 14, 2023
Leah Vernon
Sci-fi author and memorist, Leah Vernon joins Auntie Vice to chat about her life. Growing up in a large family headed by a single mom, Leah was home schooled and deeply involved with the local Muslim community in Detroit. She married young and spent years hating her body, trapped in an abusive marriage, and not seeing a way out. She found the strength to leave her husband, finish her MFA, and start writing. She released her memoir "Unashamed: Fat, Black, and Muslim" a powerhouse of an autobiography. This has been followed by four sci-fi novels where the Black ruling elite keep white slaves.
e[. 257
July 31, 2023
Tigress Osborn
In this episode of Fat Chicks on Top, our guest Tigress Osborne, the director of the National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), joins us to discuss the importance of embracing the term "fat" and advocating for fat people. Tigress shares her journey of becoming comfortable with using the word and highlights the need for a supportive community in the fat liberation movement. Tigress discusses the challenges of using the word "fat" with medical professionals and seeking healthcare as a fat person. She emphasizes the importance of advocating for oneself by setting boundaries and expressing preferences when talking to doctors. Tigress also mentions an upcoming event featuring an activist who has created a document outlining their preferences for interacting with doctors. The conversation then shifts to the intersectionality of fat acceptance. Tigress and the hosts discuss the need to consider race and other marginalized identities when discussing weight and discrimination. They recognize the discrimination faced by LGBTQ individuals, disabled individuals, and other marginalized groups, and reject the idea of prioritizing certain identities over others. The hosts delve into the history of NAFA, acknowledging its past focus on cisgender white women and discussing their efforts to create a more inclusive organization. They emphasize the importance of addressing oppressive structures and actively challenging them. Tigress, as the newly appointed executive director of NAFA, outlines her vision for the organization, which includes expanding its reach and impact. She discusses the need for more funding in the fat liberation movement and proposes forming partnerships, such as working with Dove, to increase resources. The conversation then shifts to the issue of size discrimination and the lack of explicit laws prohibiting it. Tigress and the hosts discuss efforts to pass legislation that protects fat individuals from discrimination and highlight the empowerment of fat people in various areas of life. The hosts acknowledge the increasing representation of fat people in media but also emphasize the need for more diverse and nuanced portrayals. They critique the tendency to dismiss anti-fatness based on the success of a few individuals and highlight the importance of having deeper conversations about representation and body image. Tigress shares her excitement about the growing number of books by and about fat people being published. She also discusses the barriers that fat authors face in the publishing industry and the need for systemic change. The conversation then touches on the influence of pharmaceutical companies in the weight loss industry and the objections to the terms "obesity" and "overweight" in the fat activism community. The hosts emphasize the importance of body autonomy and informed consent. The episode concludes with expressions of gratitude and mentions of the NAFA's initiatives, including Fat Liberation Month and a petition for the Campaign for Size Freedom. The hosts also share information about their collaboration with Fun Factory and recommend a book and dildo package deal for bisexual individuals. Remember to like, subscribe, and review Fat Chicks on Top, and visit their website for more information.
ep. 256
Boy Slut
Zachary Zane
Zachary Zane, sexpert for Men's Health, joins Auntie Vice to talk about being audibly bisexual, his new book Boy Slut, writing about sex for a decade, and OCD. Zane discusses his journey to finding his bisexual identity and becoming a voice for bi folks. The title of his book is a cheeky way to expose the double standard of sluttiness between men and women and the stereotype of bi folks. Zane is insightful about biphobia and gender relations for his young 32 years!
ep. 255
Juicy Girl
Jul. 10, 2023
Kate Sloan
Guest: Kate Sloan (writer, podcaster) Kate Sloan joins Auntie Vice to chat about life as a sex writer and podcaster. They cover kink, living with Bipolar disorder, chronic pain, sex, and how D/s dynamics can be healing. Sites and Socials Main site – Blog – Twitter – Instagram – Dildorks Podcast – Archive of Our Own – 101 Kinky Things Even You Can Do 200 Words to Help You Discuss Sex and Gender Mac Liquid Last Black Eyeliner
ep. 254
Refining Consent Culture
Jul 3, 2023
Kitty Stryker
Guest: Kitty Stryker (writer, activist) Kitty Stryker, author of Ask: Building Consent Culture and Ask Yourself: The Consent Culture Workbook joins Auntie Vice to chat about the nuances of consent, anger, activism, and change. Her deep thinking on consent and how interpersonal and structural power changes one's ability to fully consent has implications for politics, governing boards, medicine, policy, and the culture in general. Sites and Socials (site) Facebook Instagram Patreon
ep. 253
Educator, Artist, and Writer
Jun 26, 2023
Guest: Midori Midori, author of the first English-language book on Japanese bondage and kink educator extrodinaire joins Auntie Vice to chat about her work. She is an artist focusing on fiber crafts rooted in her identity. She has been teaching kink and dominance for decades and made a major difference in thousands of people's kink journeys. We have an Auntie to Auntie conversation about kink, art, and identity. Sites and Socials (website) Forte Femme (women's retreat) The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage Wild Side of Sex: The Book of Kink Master Han's Daughter Midori on Bawdy Storytelling "Infamous" Midori on Bawdy Storytelling "Strange Bedfellows" "Placemat" by Midori Instagram Twitter
ep. 252
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
Jun 19, 2023
Susan Wright
Guest: Susan Wright, Founder and Media Outreach for National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Susan Wright joins Auntie Vice to chat about the work of NCSF including "Consent Counts," working to revise the paraphillia section of the DSM to remove consensual adult kink from mental health disorders, and revising the sexual assault laws for the first time since 1962. The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is the only outward-facing advocacy organization working for more freedoms for the kinky and nonmonogamous communities, Susan Wright founded NSCF as an outgrowth of her work with the National Organization for Women around the D/s clause in NOW's platform in the 1980s and 1990s. The work of NCSF has been critical in creating a culture of consent and safetly for all. Sites and Socials National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Consent Counts Project Kink Aware Professionals Twitter Instagram TikTok Link for SW peer support group Link for EARN IT Act opposition letter
ep. 251
Condoms for Schools (and other good ideas)
Jun 12, 2023
Amy Moy and Fiona Lu
Guests: Amy Moy, Essential Access Health Fiona Lu, Gen Up This is the start of a series of episodes with activists, policy makers, and legislators discussing politics and bodily autonomy. Amy Moy works with Essential Access Health to make sure health care service providers have the knowledge, skills, and funding to provide services to all people regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ability to pay, insurance status, documentation status and more. Fiona Lu is a high school student and policy director for Gen Up, a student-led organizaation which creates and advocates for policies to better the lives of youth. We discuss SB541, a bill working its way through the CA legislative process which would mandate schools provide free condoms for students. Condom access is a primary reason many students do not use barrier protection and why 50 percent of all chlamydia cases is in someone under 18. We talk about the new constitutional right in California for reproductive care and abortion services and what that means for people in states hostile to abortion. Essential Access Health is administering major grants for increasing service capacity (especially in the Los Angeles area) as well as funds to cover lost wages, transportation, hotel lodging, and post-procedure care for people traveling to access abortion services. We discuss Title X and what that means for minors seeking health care. Show Links: Essential Access Health Teen Source+ (a health care service and learning portal for teens) Talk with Your Kid (guides and help for parents talking to their kids about sexual health) Title X information CA Reproductive Healthcare Bills 2023 Leg Info (find the most up-to-date information on bills in the CA legislature) GenUp GenUp podcast and blog Future of Abortion Council @GenUp.US (instagram) @EssnAccessHlth (Instagram)
ep. 250
Auntie Vice Responds to Questions
Jun 5, 2023
This episode Auntie Vice responds to questions from listeners. If you have a question you want answered, please email and I'll answer you on an upcoming episode! Links from this episode: Thompson, Mark et al. (2004). Leatherfolk: Radical Sex, People, Politics, and Practice. Beckett, Cooper and Lyndzi Miller. (2023) The Pegging Book.  Auntie Vice merch! Auntie Vice Resource List
ep. 250
Parenting LGBTQ Children
Apr. 24, 2023
Tracy Whitmore
Parenting an LGBTQ+ child presents unique challenges. Most parents do not have kids and plan on the day their child comes out as queer. Tracy Whitmore specializes in helping parents with LGBTQ+ children through the challenges they face. From managing their own expections and hopes for a child, to dealing with their conflicting feelings, to making sure their child makes it safely to adulthood, her work focuses on providing parents with the support and skills they need to raise healthy, happy, queer kids. This is some great advice for any parent facing the challenge of raising an LGBTQ+ kid in today's world! Sites and Socials: Facebook: Tracy Indigo Instagram: IndigoJourney.
ep. 249
In Persuit of Pleasure
Apr. 10, 2023
Luna Matatas
Luna Matatas, entreprenuer, pleasure educator and advocate, joins Auntie Vice to discuss her life as an HIV/AIDS educator, discovering her own pleasure, and coming into her own body and voice. She covers everything from feminine dominance, to CBT, to finding the right folks to take sexy pics of bigger, darker bodies (its a skill that most photographers lack!). SItes and Socials @LunaMatatas on most social media Ask Your Auntie! AYA segment is back answering a letter from a listener. The one covers how to eroticize an outie belly button! So much fun to provide new and fun ways to work with an outie. : )
ep. 248
Full Circle
Mar. 27, 2023
Martha Madrigal and Charles Tyson, Jr.
Martha and Charles review the latest and greatest headlines in the LGBTQ+ news world weekly on their podcast, Full Circle. They join Auntie Vice to talk about what is going on the the queer world and how they stay grounded while being pummeled with bad news. Matha and Auntie Vice chat about surviving two plauges (AIDS and COVID), and what living through the Reagan years taught us for the current onslaught of anti-Trans, anti-queer hate. Sites and Socials: website Twitter Instagram TikTok Martha's website Charles radio show
ep. 247
Championing Pleasure
March 20, 2023
Marla Renee Stewart
Dr. Marla Renee Stewart joins Fat Chicks to talk about a life in sex and relationship education, developing the conference Sex Down South, Dickfest, and much more!
Ep. 246
Black, Beautiful, & Brilliant
March 13, 2023
Chrissy King
Chrissy King, author, joins Fat Chicks on Top to talk about her new book The Body Liberation Project.
ep. 245
Sexy & Brilliant
March 6, 2023
Sunny Megatron
Sunny Megatron, sex educator, host of both "Opening Deeply" and "American Sex Podcast" talks about life as a sex educator, sex-positive parenting, aging and intimacy, and more!
ep. 244
Author Extrodinaire
Feb. 27, 2023
Rachel Kramer Bussel
Rachel Krammer Bussel, author and editor, discusses becoming an erotic writer, how erotic writing shaped her relationship with sex and intimacy, and the power of writing.
The Healing Power of Kink
Feb. 19, 2023
Dick Wound & BiDaily
Hosts of "Off the Cuffs" podcast join Fat Chicks on Top to discuss kink discovery, how kink helped heal the relationship with thier bodies, and more!
ep. 241
Success is a Side Effect
Feb. 13, 2023
Dr. Monica Anderson
Author and DDS, Dr. Monica Anderson discusses race, health care, and surviving a rare cancer.
ep. 241
Heather Rogue: Centering Transness
Feb. 6, 2023
Heather Rogue
Heather Rogue, comedian and founder of Trans Sketual, chats creating the first Trans for Trans sketch comedy show, ADHD, stand-up comedy, homelessness, and much more!
ep. 240
A Big Bitch Manifesto
Jan. 30, 2023
Clarkisha Kent
Author and cultural critic, Clarkisha Kent, joins Fat Chicks to talk about her new memoir "Fat Off, Fat On: A Big Bitch Manifesto." This memoir focuses on her life and how fatphobia, health discrinimantion, racism, and colorism impacted the way she moves through the world. We chat about film, representation of Black folks in media, her experience in art school, and much more! Her new book is available for presale at
ep. 239
ADHD, Intimacy, and Connection
Jan. 16, 2023
Wesley Toma
Wesley Toma, dating and relationship coach, joins Fat Chicks on Top to discuss coming out later in life, opening up a monogamous marriage, living with and loving someone with ADHD. His website is
ep. 238
Taking Down the Patriarchy (on Pantied A$$ at a time)
Jan. 9, 2023
Natasha Strange
Natasha Strange discusses her 30 years working as a pro Domme, kink coach, and owner of the only female-owned and run kink play space in the PDX area. She talks about coming into her dominant voice, what it taught her about femineity and being a woman, and how the kink world has changed in three decades.
ep. 237
This Woman is Awesome!
Nov. 21, 2022
Cathy Reisenwitz
Cathy Reisenwitz, writer and sex worker, joins Fat Chicks to talk about her journey from devote white Evangelical to sex worker and body liberationist. She talks extensively about her work unlearning what she was taught in church about purity, race, femininity, and love. She produces the popular substack newsletter Sex and the State.
ep. 236
Redefining Masculinity
Nov. 14, 2022
Ed Waters
Ed Waters, podcaster on Dead America, joins Fat Chicks to talk about how a life-altering accident forced him to rethink what it meant to be a man. After a serious back injury, Ed had to stop working in construction. As he lost strength and his job, he had to learn what masculinity meant to him.
ep. 235
Learn, Grow, Repeat
Nov. 7, 2022
Darren Campbell
Darren Campbell, therapist and coach, talks about coming out later in life, opening up his monogamous marriage, the gay dating scene in Boston, MA, living and loving with ADHD and more! His website can be found at
ep. 234
Bindiya Schafer: Expanding Sci-Fi
Oct. 31, 2022
Bindiya Schaefer: Expanding Sci-Fi
Bindiya Schaefer, author, joins Auntie Vice to chat about living around the world, science fiction, and finding the Desi writer's community in the California Bay Area.
ep. 233
Ruan Willow: F*cking Awesome
Oct. 23, 2022
Ruan Willow
Ruan Willow, podcaster and erotic writer, joins Auntie Vice to chat about delving into the depths of fantasy, talking about sex, and finding her voice as an author.
ep. 232
Free the Kink
Oct. 17, 2022
Mac and Hillary
Mac and Hillary, couple and founders of join Auntie Vice to discuss living openly as a couple engaging in power exchange and kink. They discuss how they balance running a business, raising kids, and their power dynamic. They also discuss what founding a kink site has taught them.
ep. 231
Writing Spicy
Oct. 10, 2022
Sinclair Sexsmith
Sinclair Sexsmith, author, editor, and teacher, joins Auntie Vice to do a deep dive into erotic writing. They discuss finding their erotic voice, how it impacted their own life, and their relationship to "dark erotica." Additionally, they discuss being butch and nonbinary.
ep. 230
The Pegging Episode
Oct. 3, 2022
Cooper Beckett and Lyndzi Miller
Cooper Beckett and Lyndzi Miller join Auntie Vice to discuss their new book, "The Pegging Book." They discuss the cultural implications of pegging, finding their own sexual and relationship styles after being raised Catholic, and the joy of their current work.
ep. 229
Erotic Awakening
Spet. 26, 2022
Dan and Dawn
Dan and Dawn of join Auntie Vice to discuss the intersection of polyamory and power exchange. They share some of these lessons in their newest book "Hearts and Collars" and on the show.
Ep. 228
Demi Wylde: Embraces Life
Sept. 19, 2022
Demi Wylde
Demi Wylde, podcaster and poet, joins FCOT to talk about pursuing the arts, hook-up horror stories, and much more!
ep. 227
Spencer Bishins: SSDI Demystified
Sept. 12, 2022
Spencer Bishins
Spencer Bishins, lawyer and former SSDI employee, chats about the SSDI process, where it goes wrong, and how to access the benefits you have paid into.
ep. 226
ReGina Smithwick: On Adoption
Sept. 9, 2022
ReGina Smithwick
ReGina Smithwick, life coach, joins FCOT to talk about her adoption story. She hid the fact she was adopted for 50 years from everyone, including her husband. She talks about what happen when she came out about being adopted, adopting her own daughter, and more!
ep. 225
Lori Sweetman: Comes Into Themselves
Aug. 29, 2022
Lori Sweetman
Lori Sweetman, former k12 educator and current LGBTQ activist, joins FCOT to talk about advocating for queer youth, coming out later in life, opening up their marriage, and more!
Ep. 224
Aug. 22, 2022
Ayzad, former Italian Journalist turned kink writer and educator, shares what he has learned from a lifetime of kink in the EU.
Ep. 223
Powerful Badass
Aug. 15, 2022
Nika Cherrelle
Nika Cherrelle is a fine art sculptor, host of The "It" Cast, empowerment coach, and all-arouind badass. She talke about going up in MO as a Black woman, what education taught her about her position in society, and how she has come to love herself.
ep. 222
Finding Your Voice
Aug. 8, 2022
Tallulah Breslin
Tallulah Breslin is gender-affirming voice coach. She shares the art and science of creating the voice you want.
ep. 221
This Wasn't Covered in the Book
Aug. 1, 2022
Mistress Schari
Mistress Schari has been a professional Dominatrix for over two decades. She shares what she has learned working as a Domme and a stripper.
ep. 220
July 25, 2022
Boss Boar
Boss Boar (kink educator) joins Fat Chicks to talk the psychology of kink, fear play, humiliation/degredation, advanced consent, and more!
ep. 219
July 18, 2022
Mir Green
Mir Green (owner, Wicked Grounds) joins Auntie Vice to talk politics, revolution, queeness, and keeping Starbucks out of the San Fancisco Leather District.
Dr. Liz Powell: Invites You In
June 11, 2022
Dr. Liz Powell
Dr. Liz Powell joins Fat Chicks to talk about nonbinary identites, queerness, therapy, healing, and community trauma.
ep. 217
Jimanekia Eborn: Tending Her Garden
June 27, 2022
Jimanekia Eborn
Jimanekia Eborn, sexaul healing expert, talks about healing trauma, informed sexuality, and bisexuality.
ep. 216
Dulcinea Pitagora: Kink Doctor
June 20, 2022
Dulcinea Pitagora
Dr. Dulcinea Pitagora joins Fat Chicks on Top to talk about the academic and spiritual understanding of kink. From early work as a pro-Domme in NYC to their academic work on sub-space, the heteronormativity of ano-receptive men in kink, and more! Auntie Vice gets to geek-out in conversation with another Ph.D. delving into the nuances of kink, trust, and connection. So. Much. Fun. Dr. Pitagora now works as a therapist and academic in NYC. They talk about a journey of gender affirmation, healing and kink, and much more. We also touch on their great kink reading list! Check out the links below.
ep. 215
Terry Dornak: Swashbuckling Bisexual
June 13, 2022
Terry Dornak
Jet Noir joins Fat Chicks on Top to talk about burlesque, inspiration, living in iconic cities, and being raised in a sex-positive family in Detroit in the 1980s. As a Black, cis-male dancer, Jet has a different journey and experience with the art form that the other artists featured in the Erotic Performer series. One of my most interesting interviews!
Rahim Thawer: Gay, Muslim, and Fabulous!
June 6, 2022
Rahim Thawer
Rahim Thawer is a therapist focusing on LGBTQ folks witha sub-specialty in shame. He has lived in several countries and joins Fat Chicks to talk about queerness, shame, envy, and community. He provides insight into the role circut parties play in gay life around the world. He talks about the intersecting identities of being Muslim and gay.
Ep. 213
Jet Noir
Jet Noir, burlesque dancer, joins the show to talk performing, burlesque, growing up in a sex-positive family, living around the U.S., and much more.
Ep. 211
Rae Luna: I'm Hot and I Know It!
May 16, 2022
Rae Luna
Rae Luna, nonbinary, brown, bigger-bodied burlseque dancer joins Fat Chicks to talk about getting comfortable with your own body, finding identity as a mixed-race person, and connecting with community. Find them at _Omoonrae_ on twitter and IG. Upcoming shows include July 8 with Om Nom Nom Nonbinary burlesque and July 22nd with No Cover Caberet in San Francisco, CA.
Ep. 210
Rain De Grey: Creating All the Things
Rain De Grey: Creating All the Things
Rain De Grey
Rain De Grey (author, podcaster, film star) joins Fat Chicks to talk about neurodivergence, kink, and creativity. Rain discusses how autism has shaped her approach to the world and allows her to be incredibly creative. We chat kink community, performance, and much more!
Ep. 209
Gretchen Felker Martin: Divine Filth
April 25, 2022
Gretchen Felker-Martin
Gretchen Felker-Martin (author) joins Fat Chicks to talk about her novel Manhunt. We discuss transness, fatness, creativity, and problematic TERFs.
Ep. 208
Imani Barbarin: Black, Disabled, Joy!
April 17, 2022
Imani Barbarin
Imani Barbarin (disabilities activist) discusses what it is like to be fat, Black, and disabled. We chat about the difference between American and French healthcare, the impending hiring crisis, COVID, and much more!
Ep. 207
April 11, 2022
Meg Elison
Meg Elison, Author (Road to Nowhere series, Big Girl), join Auntie Vice to talk writing, lesbian post-apocalyptic literature, bisexuality and more!
Ep. 206
Devyn Stone: Striving and Thriving
April 4, 2022
Devyn Stone
Devyn Stone, kink educator and writer, joins Fat Chicks to chat about becoming a kink educator, learning about the psychology of kink, being neurodivergent, the fawn response and their upcoming Thrive Conference.
Ep. 205
Jesse Rivera Finds His Tribe
March 27, 2022
Jesse Rivera
Comic and podcaster, Jesse Rivera, chats aging, turning 50, stand-up comedy, and podcasting. He sends love out to Sacramento comics and his favorite spots to perform and eat tacos.
Ep. 204
Comedy & Sex
March 20, 2022
Dani Deluca and Paul Spock
Danielle Deluca joins Auntie Vice and Erica Ambrin to chat working as a phone sex operator, dating, hoot-ups, weed and sex toys. Paul Spock joins Auntie Vice and Wendy Lewis to talk stand-up comedy, Type I diabetes, and DJing strip clubs.
Ep. 203
Alex Yarde and All Things Geek
Mar. 13, 2022
Alex Yarde, CharRon Smith
The Batman (2022) discussed with no spoilers, MCU Avengers, X-Men and Spiderman and representation, Power Rangers, Archer, Lovecraft County, RoboTech, Star Trek and more discussed in relationship to representation and writing.
Ep. 202
Xavier Bettencourt: So Gay
March 6, 2022
Xavier Bettencourt
Xavier Bettencourt is a sketch & improve comic and alter ego to Dolly Poppers. First interview recorded in 2019; Second interview recorded in 2022. Cover stage looks, developing personas, drag and body acceptance; corsets and body image; getting paid as a entertainer; transparency in paying performers; creating Queer Space; and surviving lockdown. 45:00 Moment of Gratitude: Xavier Bettencourt 40:00 Ask Your Auntie: Kitchen cleaning techniques; crushing on someone to the exclusion of all other interested parties
Ep. 1
June 24, 2018
Wayne King; Renair Amin; ChaCha Burnadette
Wayne King discusses boylesque and La Croix; Renair Amin talks Pink Love, growing up in the Baptist church, healing, being non-binary and aggressive and Ms. Full Figure USA; ChaCha Burnadette talks bodies and burlesque.
Ep. 2
Healthy Bodies
June 25, 2018
Bevyn (Fat Kids Dance Party); AndYes (poet); April Lauren
Bevin discusses the origin of Fat Kids Dance Party and its future; AndYes discusses immigrant identity and slam poetry; Amber Lauren chats living with an invisible disab;lity; navigating the health care system
Ep. 3
June 24, 2018
Andrew Gurza; Melissa McMurray; Wendy Lewis
Andrew Gurza talks dating while disabled; managing personal care and dating; sex and pleasure for disabled folks; Melissa McMurray discusses kink, dating while fat, polyamory; Wendy Lewis chats weed, stand-up, and physical beauty
Ep. 4
June 25, 2018
Ngaio Bealum; Issac Torres; Sean MacKinney
Ngaio discusses new show Cooking on High on Netflix; weed seshes; changes in weed in past decade; Ike Torres talks being a play write and being fat; Sean Mackinney discusses chronic migranes, male body image; polyamory
Ep. 5
Occupying Space
June 18, 2018
St. Francis AssEZ; Alice in Bondageland; Diana Hong
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence; Chunky Dunk events; Shooting fun porn; bondage in public; cross-dressing club; Diana Hong discusses going from pro golfer to stoner stand-up;
Ep. 6
Healthy Bodies
Aug 18, 2018
Hetherbeth Woodford; Kelli Dunham
Importance of adult sex ed; teaching college students about sex; celebrating polyamory and kink; Kelli Dunham discusses going from nun to nurse to queer comic; trauma informed care; understanding yourself
Ep. 7
Sexy Bodies: 2
Aug. 29, 2018
Suz Ellis; Elle Chase
Suz Ellis talks being a curvy cam girl; dating in your 20s; dating apps; Elle Chase (Curvy Girl Sex) talks about aging, being bigger bodied; boudouir shots
Ep. 8
The Princess Kali & Body Political
Sept. 19, 2018
Princess Kali; Andi and Laika (producers) from Body Political
Pro Domming; kink; objectification play; kink community; burlesque; political burlesque
Ep. 9
This is 40!
Nov. 12, 2018
Evie Vane; Tina Hayes
Turning 40; freeing yourself of social expectations; sex after 40; changing bodies; eating disorders; kink; rope and bondage
901: Bonus
Bonus with Alice in Bondageland
Jan 10, 2019
Alice in Bondageland; Bevin from Fat Kids Dance Party
Eating out solo; self-care rituals; pet play
Ep. 10
Decolonizing Beauty
Jan. 29, 2019
Mariana Mocossos; Stacey Gee
Guest Mariana Mocossos discusses the Decolonizing Beauty project; unlearning western standards of beauty; embracing all beauty; Slam poetry; growing up Asian in America
Ep. 11
Sex Toys!
Feb. 27, 2019
Paul Imagine; Lindsey Hoppe
Paul Image- sex shop owner, discusses owning and running a sex shop and how to get the most out of your visit; Lindsey Hoppe discusses becoming a sex toy reviews, sex toys for bigger bodies.
902: Bonus
Nonbinary People on Nonbinary People
Mar. 20, 2019
Renair Amin; Koe Creation
Nonbinary people discuss what nonbinary means to them; how they figured out they were nonbinary; and coming to connect with other enby folks.
Ep. 12
Mar. 25, 2019
Koe Creation; Amy Estes
Koe Creation discusses their book "The Heart Holds Many" and growing up as a second generation polyam kid; Amy Estes discusses fad diets, intuitive eating, and learning to love herself
Ep. 13
Invisible Disabilities
Apr. 1, 2019
Erica Ambrin; Ali Yada; Amber Whitford
living with an invisible disability; navigating the healthcare system; Invisible Disabilities Comedy Show
Ep. 14b
Disability, Healing & Star Trek
May 11, 2019
Greyson Shultz; Katori Knight; Ashley Whitford
Living with C-PTSD; Learning to love a disabled body; nonbinary identities; Star Trek fans
Ep. 201
EARNIT Act & Rainbow Kiss
Feb. 27,2022
Sept. 23, 2019
EARNIT Act; Rainbow Kisses
Ep. 16
Queer Women
Sept. 23, 2018
Amy Estes, Ret. Sgt. Sage Fox, Carly DuHain; Shahera Hyatt
Dating while trans; dating while bisexual; UHauling relationships; lupus; bi-erasure; homeless youth; hecklers
Ep. 15
What a Drag!
May 25, 2019
Katori Knight; Eartha Tremors; Shahera Hyatt
Drag King vs. Drag Queens; RuPaul's Drag Race impact on current drag scene; finding a drag identity; San Francisco vs Sacramento drag scenes; community service
Ep. 14a
May 25, 2019
Ret. Sgt. Sage Fox; Carly DuHain; Shahera Hyatt; Amy Estes
Coming out in the military; fighting for trans service member's rights to serve; dating while trans; bi-erasure; dating as a bi woman; living with Lupus; UHauling

Say 'Hi' to the Vibe

"Say 'Hi' To the Vibe" is a new segment on Fat Chicks on Top. Auntie Vice chats with listeners to find out what they are desiring in the sex lives and helps them identify the right tools to help them explore their desires. Audio segments appear on the podcast and video segments appear as short videos on YouTube.

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