Because We Got High...

Because We Got High...  features some of our favorite artists eating good food and talking about life, performing, their bodies, and weed. We stream our live recordings from STAB Comedy Theater in Sacramento, CA the third Saturday of every month at 10 PM on our YouTube Channel.


Come out to the show at STAB Comedy Theater, 1710 Broadway, Sacramento, CA ($5 entry, ADA accessible) or stream it here.

Ngaio Bealum: Advice and Life Lesson
Ngaio Bealum (comic, marijuana activist) joins the Fat Chicks to talk weed, things everyone should try, and what he is grateful for.
Stacy Gee:Identity
Stacy Gee performs her piece "Identity" about being American, Chinese and Burmese.
Ike Torres: Fat
Poet and author Issac "Ike" Torres shares his piece "Fat" from his play Manchild.
AndYes Explains Asexuality
Poet AndYes explains asexuality.
Diana Hong: Weed and Cookies
Diana Hong (comic) waxes rhapsodic about weed and cookies.
Amber Whitford on Reusing Dead Cats
Middle-aged Black woman with a straw that spells "Amebr\" wearing a hat, purple sweater and sunglasses.
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