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Paul Imgine, Owner of Autonomous Love
Lindsay Hoppe.jpg
Lindsay Hoppe, Sex Toy Reviewer

Episode 13: Invisible Disabilities

April 1, 2019 (coming soon!)

Hosts: Auntie Vice and Erica Ambrin

Guests: Ali Yada, Amber Whitford

Ali Yada  (comic, bubbologist), host of Invisible Disabilities Show and Talk Worry To Me joins us to chat about anxiety, Mormonism, pizza and comedy.

Amber Whitford (comic), talks about hosting the Invisible Disabilities comedy show, recycling dead cats, and Star Trek.

Episode 11:

February 27, 2019

Hosts: Auntie Vice, CharRon Smith

Guests: Paul Imagine, Lindsay Hoppe

Auntie Vice and CharRon chat about sex toys and being a couple with very different views on toys in a relationship.

Paul Imagine  (owner Autonomous Love),talks about owning a sex toy shop and tips for visiting your local toy store.

Lindsay Hoppe (sex toy reviewer), talks sex toys for bigger bodies, what works and what the industry needs.

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Episode 8: Princess Kali, Body Political

March 20, 2019

Host: Auntie Vice, CharRon Smith

Guests: Princess Kali, The Body Political

Auntie Vice and CharRon talk about men's aging bodies and finding his toes through yoga.

The Princess Kali (author, educator) talks about kink and BDSM, humiliation play and her book Enough to Make You Blush.

Andi and Laika (producers, The Body Political) talk about this unique burlesque show and the intersection of burlesque and politics.

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Episode 5: Occupying Space

February 22, 2019

Hosts: Auntie Vice and CharRon Smith

Guests: Paul Imagine, Lindsay Hoppe

Auntie Vice and Jenny Lynn talk about what it means to occupy physical space in public.

Alice in Bondageland (kink website producer, adult film actress) Alice talks about being a FemmeDomme, capturing a wider representation of kink on film, and putting the Fun in FemmeDomme.

Sister Francis AssEZ (Sister of Perpetual Indulgence) talks about the SOPI and the upcoming Chunky Dunk.

Diana Hong (comic) talks finding her passion, growing up Korean, and weed.

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Episode 2: Health

June 25, 2018

Hosts: Auntie Vice, Jenny Lynn

Guests: Bevin, April Lauryn, AndYes

Jenny Lynn and Auntie Vice share their health histories and talk about being Bipolar, trying to get health care while fat, and learning to keep themselves healthy.


Bevin (Fat Kids Dance Party) talks about finding her self love, pursuing her passion, and the queer aesthetic.


April Lauryn talks about trying to find health care while gaining weight, being diagnosed with Cuhisng's, and how she kept going despite medical system issues.


AndYes (poet)t talks about living with Major Depression, trying to get healthcare as a fat man, and being asexual.

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Episode 12: Connections

March 25, 2018

Hosts: Auntie Vice

Guests: Koe Creation, Amy Estes

Koe Creation (author, educator) discusses their new autobiography about growing up second generation polyamorus and in a sex-positive community.

Amy Estes (comic) talks about intuitive eating, learning to nourish herself, and connecting to with passions.

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Episode 10: Decolonizing Beauty

January 28, 2019

Hosts: Auntie Vice and Wendy Lewis

Guests: Ixchel Luna, Stacy Gee

Ixchel Luna  (Decolonization Project), talks about what decolonization is, what it means for beauty and gender, and how to explore how your own ideas of beauty have been colonized.

Stacy Gee (poet), talks slam poetry, growing up American-Burmese-Chinese, concepts of beauty and performs her piece "Identity."

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Episode 7: Sexy Bodies 2

February 22, 2019

Hosts: Auntie Vice, JennyLynnn

Guests: Suz Ellis, Elle Chase


Auntie Vice and JennyLynn chat about what makes them feel sexy.



Suz Ellis (Red Hot Suz) talks about discovering sex writing, becoming a successful cam girl and sex blogger, and her love of a good Gin drink.


Elle Chase (Author, Educator) discusses discovering her sexuality after a divorce, finding her sexy, and tips and tools for curvy folks in the bedroom.

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Episode 4: Men

March 25, 2019 (coming soon!)

Hosts: Auntie Vice, Jenny Lynn

Guests: Sean McKinney, Issac "Ike" Torres, Ngaio Bealum

JJenny Lynn and Auntie Vice chat about the men in their lives.

Sean McKinney (host of Brown Chicken, Brown Cow podcast) talks about living with chronic migraines, being disabled, and changing ideas of masculinity.

Issac Torres (author, playwright) talks about being fat, ideas of masculinity in Latino culture, and performs his piece "Fat."

Ngaio Bealum (comic, weed advocate) talks about finding a stage image, best ways to find excellent weed, and how to handle criticism.

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Episode 1: Pilot

June 25, 2018

Hosts: Auntie Vice, Jenny Lynn

Guests: Wayne King, Renair Amin, ChaCha Burnadette

Jenny Lynn and Auntie Vice introduce themselve and FCOT.

Wayne King (burlesque dancer) talks about life in burlesque, being a  big gay bear, and his love of La Croix.


Renair Amin, Ph.D. (Pink Love Specialist) discusses coming to love themselves, being queer, Black, and strong and her work with Ms. Full Figure USA.


ChaCha Burnadette (burlesque dancer, photographer) talks about burlesque, empowerment, art and feminism.   

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Bonus Clips! Alice in Bondageland and Bevin

February 27, 2019

Host: Auntie Vice

Guests: Alice in Bondageland, Bevin

Alice in Bondageland  (Founder, Producer, Actress), talks about pet play, BDSM and why people enjoy these activities.

Bevin (Creator "Fat Kids Dance Party"), talks about self care, managing chronic illness and work, and the joys of a reiki charged hot tub.

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Episode 9: 40!!!

November 12, 2018

Hosts: Auntie Vice and CharRon Smith

Guests: Tina Hayes, Evie Vane

Auntie Vice and CharRon Talk about aging and sex after 40.

Evie Vane  (author),joins Auntie Vice to chat about her new, award-winning book Bondage for All Bodies. We chat sexuality, rope, and aging.

Tina Hayes (belly dancer, model), talks kink, body image, eating disorders, and the joys of being over 40.

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Episode 6: Healthy Bodies

February 22, 2019

Hosts: Auntie Vice and Jenny Lynn

Guests: Kelli Dunham, Hethrebeth Woodford

Jenny Lynn and Auntie Vice chat about their very different approaches to managing physical and mental health.

Kelli Dunham (RN, comic) talks about health care for LGBTQ folks and her career in comedy.

HethreBeth Woodford (social worker, sex educator) talks birth control for and weight, raising sex positive kids, and the importance of sex ed.

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Episode 3: Dating

June 25, 2018

Hosts: Auntie Vice, Jenny Lynn

Guests: Andrew Gurza, Melissa McMurray, Wendy Lewis

Andrew Gurza (Disability Advocate), creator of #DisabledPeopleAreHot and the podcast "Disability After Dark" discusses dating, gay bars and access for disabled folks.

Melissa McMurray talks about being queer, polyamourous and fat. We chat about accessing the polyam community, being queer, and dating while fat.

Wendy Lewis (comic) talks food, make-up, stand-up comedy and why everyone needs to try an threesome.

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