Many of our guests have excellent books or videos. Click on the links below to find some of their amazing work!+

Alex Yarde: The Good Men Project "All Things Geek"

@InstaYarde on Instagram

@ThatAlexYarde on Twitter



@Res1der on Instagram

@CharRonESmith on Twitter

Renair Amin:

     Come with me, love: Song of Solomon for Couples

     Pit Crew: How to survive a spiritual pit stop

     Domestically Cursed: A story on partnership violence

     Mental Silhouette

Bevin: Fat Kids Dance Party (videos available soon!)


Ngaio Bealum: Cooking on High (on Netflix)

Alice in Bondageland (bondage/erotic films)

Elle Chase Curvy Girl Sex (book)

Kelli Dunham (RN, Comic) health resources list and books

Suz Ellis (Blogger, Cam Girl), @redhotsuz(Twitter, IG)

HethreBeth Woodford (social worker, Sex Positive Sacramento)

The Princess Kali (author, kink educator) Enough to Make You Blush

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