Articles and Stories by Auntie Vice and Jenny Lynn

Blanton, Rebecca. 2018. "Cotton Candy." Hock, Spit, Slurp. Vol. 1, Issue 1.

Blanton, Rebecca. 2018. "Women's Words." Iambic (2:4).

Blanton, Rebecca. 2018. "Dramatic Poets." Iambic (2:3).

The publications below are all published through the California Research Bureau, a division of the CA State Library. Because the links move on a regular basis, links are not provided here. Instead, visit the CA State Library at to find links.

Blanton, Rebecca.  "California Charter Oversight: Key Costs and Elements."

Blanton, Rebecca. "California's Women's Veterans and MST."

Blanton, Rebecca. "California's Women's Veterans At-A-Glance."

Blanton, Rebecca. "California's Women Veterans Report 2012: Preliminary Results."

Blanton, Rebecca. "California's Women Veterans and Benefit Utilization."

Blanton, Rebecca. "California Women's Veterans and Employment."

Blanton, Rebecca. "California Women's Veterans and Homelessness."

Blanton, Rebecca. "California's Women's Veterans and Public Health."

Blanton, Rebecca. "HIV/AIDS in CA, 2012 Update."

Blanton, Rebecca. "Military Families and Childcare Needs."

Blanton, Rebecca. "Military Spouses and Professional Licensing."

Blanton, Rebecca.  "Responses to the 2011 Women Veteran's Survey."

Blanton, Rebecca. "Testimony Before the CA Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee."

Blanton, Rebecca. "Unlawful Detainer Pilot Program."

Blanton, Rebecca and Tonya Harding. "White Paper on California's Inter-agency Veterans Counciol."

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